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Many factors will determine the level of hail damage a home can receive. Hail can cause damage to siding too: however, the roof is the most exposed element due to its sloping profile.

Not all hail storms are alike! A hailstorm over your home does not automatically mean you will sustain roof damage.

Conversely, falling hail may damage your roof, while not affecting your next-door neighbor’s roof at all! Two Brothers Roofing recommends that homeowners contact a professional roofer, prior to calling their insurance agent, for a complete roof examination after a hailstorm has occurred.

The reasons for this are simple. Every time a homeowner contacts their insurer, a claim inquiry is recorded. Too many claims, even the ones that result in no action from the insurer, can red flag a homeowners file. It is with-in the insurance company’s rights to drop an owner for too many inquires or even after a single paid claim. By letting a professional roofer evaluate the roof first, owners can avoid making a claim unless absolutely deemed necessary.

There are other factors that affect the level of hail damage, such as the specific properties of the roof shingles (age, layers, pitch, wood deck framing) and the hail stones themselves (size, density, velocity).


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Two Brothers Roofing is experienced with inspecting roofs and identifying damage or other potential problems with your roof.

A hail impact on a shingle depends greatly on the size and speed of the hail itself. In many cases, it looks like a “bruise” or a dark spot where the granules on the single have been displaced and the asphalt underlayment is now exposed. Even if your roof has only sustained granular loss without significant bruising, your roof is still susceptible to the damaging effects of granular loss, which exposes any of the underlayment causing an alteration of the fire rating and deceleration of the roof’s actual performance level.

Two Brothers Roofing will upgrade your 3-tab shingles to IKO’s Cambridge dimensionial shingle (with a limited lifetime warranty) for the same price!

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